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Accountability Coaching

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Let ActWell guide you in your personal journey to health and wellness. We offer an Accountability Coaching program like no other.  Our Accountability Coach will work one-on-one with you to individualize a 4 week program to meet your every need.

When you enrol in this Program you will receive:

  • One-on-One Set up session (this can be done online or in person)
  • 4 Week Nutrition and Training plan
  • Weekly weight-ins and measurement recording
  • Training plan familiarization (Ensure you are comfortable with workouts or activities prescribed)
  • Monday - Friday daily check-ins, if needed
  • Private Motivation Facebook Group
  • Modifications to diet and training as needed
Most importantly, when you hire an Accountability Coach you connect with someone who wants to hear and celebrate your daily challenges and accomplishments, someone that will work with you to become inspired and motivated to become your best self.


When an employee feels good physically and mentally, positive effects can be seen in the workplace. There are many benefits to promoting employee physical and nutritional health in the workplace. Active and healthy employees tend to better manage their time, handle stress more effectively, and have smoother interactions with their employer and colleagues. Having an employer that promotes health and wellness allows employees to feel valued, further increasing positivity and productivity in the workplace.

There are many types of wellness companies and workplace wellness plans that are very in-depth and can be difficult for employees to follow. At ActWell we focus specifically on activity and nutrition guidance and coaching. We meet individually with your employee and create an customized nutrition and activity plan together. We follow your employee for 4 weeks to ensure they feel confident in their nutrition and fitness habits. A survey is taken before and after the four weeks to identify positive changes in the workplace. Every employee is made to feel valued and will receive personal encouragement and motivation that is difficult for employers to provide.

Email us to set up an individual plan for your company that will bring out the best in your employees.

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Karen Wilson

Accountability and Nutrition Coach

Karen Wilson is a Certified Precision Nutrition Coach, Co-Owner of ActWell Solutions, Owner of DAT Cycle and has 20 years experience in the fitness industry.